Parallax Effect

For the first class we saw some example of what the parallax effect is, it was really interesting because i always thought that people would just take a video in slow motion but it turns out its an actual image that we can move to create the parallax effect. we had to think of a couple stories we could tell using only images, at first i thought how am I gonna tell a story using a couple images. We saw examples that students had created and it made it so much clearer and easier to think of a story i could tell with just three images.



In this project we were asked to package anything we wanted, I chose Vermicelli because it is the key ingredient to a local dish here called “Balaleet”. I had the idea of using different jar sizes so that if someone wants to make a dish for one they use the small jar, but then i realized that getting small jars would be expensive and people wouldn’t want to buy expensive vermicelli when they can buy the cheap one. I changed my idea to one big jar, I added 3 languages, English, Arabic and Pilipino because usually housemaids here are Pilipino so i added that language for them. In my first experiment, I was struggling with the colors of the jar and the type as well. I learned that when a package has a powerful design it can actually convince people to buy your product. Another thing that I learned is to experiment with printing, to check the type and how the colors are appearing as well as to check the size. At first my colors weren’t going well together so i made the background lighter so it looked better, for the type at first I used san serif and i tries a lot of type but it didn’t work out, I then used serif typefaces and I experimented with it until I found the perfect one. I decided I would put two recipes, one for Balaleet and one for Chicken Vermicelli Noodles, both in three languages. I put that on the side of the jar using a rope because I thought it would look visually nice.

samia-1 samia-2 samia-3 samia-4 samia-5 samia-6 samia-7 samia-8 samia-9


The whole group experience was really nice and interesting, I never watched Sherlock and when I tried I couldn’t even finish it and when I was grouped with people who love Sherlock I was like oh wow, but it was actually fun and I wasn’t forced to do anything which I didn’t like. We did everything as a group and we all had to agree with what the other wanted to do or add. When Sara first told us the story it was really interesting and I thought we were gonna have fun with this, we changed the story a lot by the end of of the last week. The only time I got a bit frustrated is when we had to finish the story by the end of class and the girls couldn’t decide by killing her in the office or she fell from the window, we stayed discussing this for a long time and then we finally decided she was gonna fall from the window. The rest of the time it all went smooth, nobody hated the other, nobody fought with the other.2016-12-05-photo-00000965

We taped the floor where the victim fell so we could add this to the evidence wall.


We chose this room for our space because our victim was a professor and we wanted an office for a professor, luckily the “big” office was empty and no one was using it other than for meetings. We added and moved thing to make it look like a woman’s office, and that woman had OCD.


The entrance door to the victims office.


We put a coffee station, her personal laptop, student files and tests and her stationary. You can see on the right there is something dirty on the floor and that is the coffee spill and broken mug when she got dizzy, drop it and fell from the window.


We couldn’t damage the place so we stuck white paper and spilled coffee on that instead of the wall because if we spilled it on the wall the stain wouldn’t get cleaned off.2016-12-04-photo-00000896

The victim was holding her ex-husbands ring when she died.


Our evidence wall, it conatins her divorce papers, fingerprints, photos of the place of death and her hand with the ring, her depression medicine, her To-Do list, the university floorpan of where she died and the victim profile.

We practiced a lot together on the script and on how everyone will move, we even came on a Saturday just to practice.

On Monday we had to act in front of the whole class, it actually went great, everyone loved it and laughed all the way, we were so proud of ourselves at the end. When we pictured it we saw a lot of space where we could move while acting but when the whole class was inside the room we were limited with space but other than that i thought it went great.

At first my idea was to do tote bags for breast cancer awareness but then I was given another idea, instead of using the breast caner logo I could just design normal tote bags and my profits would go to the hospitals that treat patients. My brand “Haneen” is a charity organization.









week-13-6Final Poster


Final Poster

I had to fix the one at the bottom and give the sentence more breathing space.


In this project I focused more on the composition of each project with the page not the image in the background, one of the things that I learned is to experiment as much as I could to see all different possibilities. Mine was definitely on the final critique, I was almost done, but I needed to change a few things so that my poster become visually stronger. At the beginning of this project, I was afraid of the negative space and I thought a lot on how could I add the sentence, paragraphs and the logo in an interesting composition and perfect scale. I know that by learning and making mistakes, as well as experimenting, I can create something interesting enough to not focus on its flaws.